Aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheets technical characteristics and classes

Aluminum sheet is flexible and easy to process. The four most common types of sheet metal are: 1100-H14, 3003-H14, 5052-H32 and 6061-T6.

  • Class 1100-H14 is commercially pure aluminum that is resistant to strong weather conditions. It is spherical enough for deep drawing and can be welded, but at the same time has low strength. It is commonly used in chemical processing equipment, reflectors and jewelry.
  • Class 3003-H14 is stronger than 1100. It is corrosion resistant and weldable. It is often used in stamped and drawn parts, mailboxes, cabinets, tanks and ventilation blades.
  • Aluminum sheet class 5052-H32 is much stronger than 3003, while maintaining good ductility characteristics. This class maintains high resistance to corrosion and welding. Common applications include car chassis, tanks and pressure vessels.
  • Grade 6061-T6 aluminum sheet is a common heat-treated structural aluminum alloy. This grade of sheet metal is weldable, corrosion resistant and stronger than 5052. It loses some of its strength when welded. Used in modern aircraft designs.

Standard sizes aluminum sheet metal

The respective thicknesses of the aluminum sheets can again vary from 0.3 mm to 4 mm.

  • 1000х2000мм
  • 1250х2500мм
  • 1500х3000мм

Processing of aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet is subject to processing in most commonly used processing methods, including:

  • cutting with guillotine, laser, cutter, etc.
  • bending of press brake, etc.
  • plotter milling, milling machines, etc.
  • the aluminum sheet can be drilled with any suitable tools
  • stretching – design projects for cladding, facade cladding, partition panels, staircase elements, etc. are realized with appropriate tools.
  • perforation – with the help of modern machines an unlimited number of unique design models of facade panels made of perforated aluminum sheet can be achieved.

Colors and special effects

The sheet metal as an aluminum sheet has a characteristic color of natural aluminum, but in addition to its natural color, it can be offered powder coated in any color according to RAL (international standard for unambiguous color determination). The sheet metal can be painted both one-sided and two-sided depending on the requirements of the project.

If necessary, aluminum sheet could be supplied with special effects, namely:

  • With a mirror effect – resembles a standard silver mirror
  • With the effect of “Brushed” or in other words scratched, trimmed aluminum sheet.
  • Anodized or anodised aluminum sheet. During the anodizing of the sheet, a special process of electrolysis is applied, in which an effect is achieved at the outer protective layer of the sheet. This effect is resistant to external weather conditions and creates uniqueness in color while preserving the natural aluminum color of the sheet metal. Dozens of colors can be achieved in this anodizing process.

Aluminum sheet applications

Aluminum sheet is a product of the future and in this function has an unlimited number of areas of application. Quality aluminum sheet in particular also has countless areas in the industry for which it could be the only or optimal element to use. Here are some of the more popular and well-known ones:

  • Automotive;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Aircraft construction;
  • Technical equipment of any type when it is necessary for the surfaces to be resistant to corrosion, smooth as a surface and many other high requirements to the metal as a product.
  • The food industry. The specific properties of aluminum sheet and in particular aluminum foil require its use for all types of packaging in the food industry. Aluminum and aluminum sheet are certified “Food friendly” and are a suitable product for use in food packaging.
  • Construction. The applications of aluminum sheet in construction are unlimited, starting from fasteners, going through the variety of aluminum scaffolding and structures and ending with cladding panels of aluminum sheet cladding and facades.

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