Powder coating

Powder coating of metal products

We have a modern installation of ITW GEMA for powder coating of metal products.

Electrostatic pistols

Our equipment includes electrostatic guns for applying powder paint.

Electrostatic application

The painting technology is electrostatic application of polymer-epoxy powder paints with subsequent polymerization in a thermal chamber.

Furnace with a length of 6.20 m

An oven with a length of 6.20 m allows to bake up to 6-meter details. In the process of work a rail track is used for higher productivity.

RAL effects

With its many years of experience in the industry, the company provides its customers with painting in a wide range of colors and RAL effects with paints from renowned global manufacturers, as well as degreasing and pre-treatment of the metal.

With this we guarantee high quality powder coating for short terms and low prices.

Do you need standard profiles or aluminum windows?

Production and trade in aluminum profiles and joinery

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